Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need concerning weather?

Tour goes on regardless of weather! So bring appropriate clothing, umbrella, hat, coat or jacket.

Do we pickup and drop off?

No, we do not. It is your responsibility to arrive a starting point of tour.

Do we give weather refunds?

Not often. If the weather is hazardous to life, we cancel tours. It is up to BFQT, to determine when to call off a tour. If BFQT cancels a tour, you will receive a full refund in a *timely manner. If you cancel a tour less than 4 days out (96 hrs), there is no refund. If you cancel a tour more than 4 days out, and have already paid, you will receive a full refund in a timely manner*.

* “timely manner” means, usually with in a week (7 days).

What to bring/wear/walking shoes, etc?

We will be walking over a 3 mile area, wear comfortable walking shoes. If it has a chance for rain, bring an umbrella.

How do I pay for a tour?

Call the tour office: 504.831.4255

Can I change hours of tours*?

  • I prefer not to start latter than 9:00 am for walking tour. (good reasons)
  • I prefer not to start later than 8:30 am for citywide tour.
  • I prefer not to start later than 8:00 am for plantation tour.

*I can/will change times for a reasonable request

Why are FQ walking tours only Monday-Thursday?

The French Quarter is a busy place. An actual working city. On Fridays and Saturdays with the amount of festivals and events that take place on weekends, it would be difficult to hold a comprehensive tour with large numbers of people in the areas that we would travel.

Starting location/ending location?

Our tour starts very close to Harrahs Casino at the foot of Canal St. When tour is booked, you will be notified of actual starting location. Hop-On/Hop-Off locations near start/end:

Starts:   (near hop-on/hop-off  stop #7)
Ends:    (near hop-on/hop-off  stop #6)

How do I book a tour / tour date?

Call our office to schedule a tour or to check for open dates. Message the guide, and leave a brief massage.

Why am I required to agree to all “terms of agreement”?

Why am I required to agree to all “terms of agreement”?

Any and all persons taking any tour or tours shall be required to agree with the “terms of agreement”,  that will hold BFQT harmless in any and all occurances that may arise from the result of taking any tour. To read the agreement click here. (coming soon)